Hardware purchase method

2022-01-21 10:32

The track matched with the pulley is also very important for the use of the sliding door. The track used for the sliding door generally includes cold rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track. Consumers may generally think that the rail is stronger and more durable than the aluminum alloy track, and the thicker the wall thickness of the track, the better. In fact, it is not true. High quality sliding door hardware is reflected in the perfect combination of track and pulley, rather than a simple part.

The track must have a perfect radian matching with the pulley, followed by the problem of material. Generally speaking, imported materials should be better than domestic materials. Consumers should know that it is not difficult for any product to make the same shape. What is difficult is to look like and never leave. Any consumer hopes that the purchased sliding door hardware can be used for a long time without fault, so high-quality sliding door hardware manufacturers must also consider the steel plate ratio for manufacturing steel rails and the alloy ratio for aluminum alloy tracks. Therefore, consumers should not pay one-sided attention to the thickness of tracks.